Specialized Garage is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving the City of Calgary and area since 2008. The Specialized Garage team is a combination of proud owners and dedicated installers. The management staff each have over ten years experience in the garage renovation and concrete restoration industry. We have brought our combined talents to create a business that is uniquely tailored to creating the most custom and unique garages. Our Installers all undergo extensive training to maintain the high standards of quality that this company was built on. We keep most of the work in-house but also have a great network of sub-contractors that work closely with us to provide the variety of services needed in garage renovations. We all share the work and you will regularly see every member of the team through out the whole sales, planning and installation process. We love the opportunities we get to develop relationships with our clients as we help to plan out the garage project and see it through to completion. Our goal is not to be the biggest garage company possible, but to provide the best service possible. We hope that you will notice the differences in our services, products and enjoy the way we do business and trust us with your garage enhancement project. Specialized Garage has been fortunate enough to receive an overwhelming amount of support from our clients by providing us with referrals that have helped us to grow our small business. Without the support of our customers we would not have been able to have had the success and growth in Calgary over the past few years. Calgary is a great city and we are proud to serve the people who live here. We look forward to working you soon, Thank you!