Garage Concrete Restoration

Garage Concrete Restoration

Some garage floors need repairs and major restorations because of cracking pitting and erosion. Our team of experts can restore the surface of the concrete to a suitable substrate for the garage flooring system.

We can fix:

• wide spread erosion and pitting
• large voids and cracking
• pooling and drainage issues
• levelling and lifting sunken concrete

By using resin based repair compounds we can fill, fix, shape and level any garage floor to restore it to a smooth and seamless finish at a reasonable cost compared to rip out and replacement. Call now to see what solutions we can provide to you

Bring back your old floor to its former glory

If you’d prefer to stick with your current concrete garage floor, but it needs work, Specialized Garage can help. Not only do we provide new flooring, but we are also able to work with your existing floor to restore it to its original beauty, or better. Our experts assess the condition of your garage floor to determine what long-term solutions we can create to fit your specific needs. From cracks to water pooling issues, our team will work with you to restore as much of the original flooring as possible by preventing wear and tear issues in the future.

Get a like-new result for less

By choosing a restoration over a brand new floor, you’ll be saving money that can go towards adding cabinets or other storage systems to your garage. This option is more economical, but still gives you the look of a brand new floor. For an exact quote, contact our team by filling out the Get A Quote form and a member of our staff will visit your garage to assess what needs to be done. Prices will vary depending on the level of restoration involved.

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