Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Flooring

Transform the look and feel of your garage with a Premium garage flooring finish in many beautiful colours blends to choose from.
Problem, Raw concrete is usually dull, dusty, cracked, stained and damaged.
Solution, Our High Performance Garage Flooring System!
• Completely seals and protects concrete from water and salt damage
• Eliminates any further dusting of unsealed concrete
• Repairs and seals cracks in concrete floor
• Provides and beautiful high gloss granite finish
• Easy to clean and stain resistant

Garage floors in Calgary experience the harsh conditions and abuse of brutal winters and terrible road conditions. Daily vehicle traffic can bring road salts and gravel into the garage and a flooring system has to be prepared to handle those type of conditions.
There are 3 vital components to any coating system being able to stand the test of time. 1 Concrete Preparation 2 Quality of Materials 3 Overall coating thickness.

1. Concrete preparation

Our Garage flooring process starts with profiling and resurfacing the existing concrete floor. Shot blasting is a proven and superior method of preparing concrete and leaves the concrete with a rough finish which is ideal for permanent adhesion for the coating system. The shot blasting and diamond grinding equipment will remove every square inch of the surface layer of the concrete, removing stains and contamination with it. Once we have a clean surface to work with, repairs are applied to cracks and surface damage with our resin based repair compounds.

2. Quality of coating materials

100% Solids Coating Systems. We use only premium resins with proven chemistry. All or our flooring resins are free of solvents fillers or any VOC’s. By using 100% solids from base coat to top coat we eliminate any harmful toxics and persistent odours from evaporating during and after the flooring process. 100% solids also means that every ounce of the flooring material has bonded to the concrete and has not evaporated during the curing phase. This guarantees and more durable and stain resistant floor!

3. Overall thickness of the coating system

The Long term durability of any coating is largely based on the thickness of the coating system. A coating that is too thin will not offer the proper protection and durability needed, resulting in cracking, delimitation and worn out areas. Our premium granite coatings maintain a thick film finish over the entire garage floor and compared with other systems can be 2-3 times thicker. A thick protective coating is needed to maintain a garage floor coating that will look great year after year.

Easy to clean and maintain

By choosing to add a floor coating to your garage, you are investing in an easy-to-maintain floor. No need to worry about stains, spills or skid marks with our high gloss finish to protect against chemicals and other stains. Instead, enjoy the hassle-free experience that comes with a Specialized Garage floor coating.

The Specialized Garage Flooring Advantage

- 10+ years experience and installations in Calgary - Superior bond and tested concrete preparation methods - Proven chemistry in Coating System - 100% solids (VOC free) - Thick build system with 40-50mil finish - Unmatched durability - High gloss Polyaspartic finish - UV stable and stain resistant

Five-year warranty included
Our garage floor coatings come with a five-year warranty, but you can except to get15+ years out of them. The warranty covers against peeling, de-lamination, and any deficiencies as a result of the installation process. By adhering to regular maintenance you can expect to get the most out of your floor coating.

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