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Garage Storage Systems

In addition to tool storage, Specialized Garage offers solutions to maximizing your garage space for your organizational needs, including slat wall systems and accessories, Onrax™ shelving systems, tire racks, Harken Hoists, Freedom Rail Wall Systems and more.

Car Lifts

You want to show off your cars. You want to keep them in excellent condition. If your garage doesn’t currently have the space to hold all your vehicles, you have two options. One is to get a custom built or restored garage by Specialized Garage. If that’s not within your budget or you don’t have the space to expand, the second option is to own a car lift. Instead of storing your vehicles next to one another, store them vertically and still have access to both cars. Simply place one car onto the lift, hoist the car up, and store your second car beneath it.

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Overhead Hoists

By using an overhead hoist, you’re taking advantage of storage space that gets your larger items off your floor and out of the way. These are especially useful for de-cluttering your garage and making easier to maneuver around. You’ll be able to bring in some of your things that have previously been restricted to being stored outside under a tarp. Take better care of them by storing them with an overhead hoist.

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Slat Wall and Accessories

The Slat Wall organizational system is a great compliment to any garage floor and cabinet package as it allows you to get things up off the floor and hung neatly from the walls. The Slat Wall panel first installs against the wall and any attachment from our catalogue will snap into place anywhere on the channel system allowing you to continually customize how you want to use the storage panel.

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Show off your coated garage floor by getting all your clutter off your floor and into your ceiling space. Onrax™ storage shelving attaches to the ceiling of your garage freeing up both your floor space and wall space. This un-utilized area of your garage can now be used to keep your clutter out of sight and out of mind while still being easily accessible when needed.

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