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Car Lifts

Store multiple vehicles without taking up floor space

You want to show off your cars. You want to keep them in excellent condition. If your garage doesn’t currently have the space to hold all your vehicles, you have two options. One is to get a custom built or restored garage by Specialized Garage. If that’s not within your budget or you don’t have the space to expand, the second option is to own a car lift. Instead of storing your vehicles next to one another, store them vertically and still have access to both cars. Simply place one car onto the lift, hoist the car up, and store your second car beneath it.

Keep those classic cars safe

No need to choose between storing your classic cars or your everyday cars in the garage. With the car lift, you can now store both while still only taking up floor space for a single vehicle. Keep your cars in pristine condition by storing them in your custom garage and off the floor where they’ll be out of reach from anything that could cause scratches, dents, or other damage.

Steel frames keep your car in high places

As with all our Specialized Garage products, our car lifts are strong, dependable, and guaranteed to keep your vehicle in a safe place until you’re ready to move it. Whether you use the rarely or every day, you’ll get the same satisfied results over time.

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