Garage Storage Systems

In addition to tool storage, Specialized Garage offers solutions to maximizing your garage space for your organizational needs.

Slat Walls

Create your own wall storage space with the use of slat walls installed in your garage. Should you frequently change your mind as to where you’d like shelves placed, you can move them yourself with this versatile wall and organizers. Slots in the wall allow for easy movement and organizers can be removed and replaced at will.
Slat Wall Organizers

Choose from options to best suit your needs from shelving to hooks to baskets. We have organizers for bike storage, tire racks, power tools, and more. This option gets your tools off the floor, but still within easy reach for frequent use.

Specialized Garage provides Onrax, a shelving unit which attaches to your garage ceiling for out-of-the-way storage. Keep seasonal items or rarely used equipment at hand with this option, but out of the way when not in use.

Overhead Hoists

How often do you use your garage ceiling as a storage space? With overhead hoists, we can create a ceiling rack meant to hang bikes and other large items to keep your floor clear and put your sporting equipment and other tools on display.
Car Lifts

If you’re looking to add more vehicles to your home, but don’t have the space or budget for a garage expansion, car lifts provide a cost-effective solution to store cars, small boats, or other vehicles vertically. With the option to raise or lower the platform, you can still have easy access to all your vehicles while keeping them in a safe indoor environment.

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