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Overhead Hoists

Increase floor space in your garage

By using an overhead hoist, you’re taking advantage of storage space that gets your larger items off your floor and out of the way. These are especially useful for de-cluttering your garage and making easier to maneuver around. You’ll be able to bring in some of your things that have previously been restricted to being stored outside under a tarp. Take better care of them by storing them with an overhead hoist.

Perfect for bike storage

The top use for our overhead hoists are for bicycle storage. Whether you have one or half a dozen bikes, these hoists will keep them out of the way, but still within reach for when you’re ready to use them. When not in use, like during the winter months, they serve as a great display frame.

Keep small vehicles out of harm’s way

Whether you choose to store bikes, motorcycles or scooters, using an overhead hoist will help keep your vehicles in pristine condition. In the air, they’re less likely to be scratched, dented, or be subject to other damage that can occur in a crowded garage. The hoists are secure to keep your items firmly in place until you’re ready to use them. Then simply lower them down and enjoy the ride.
Use the height of your garage for storage with an overhead hoist to lift and store large bulky items like jeep tops canoes or bikes.