Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring


ArmorTech Coatings are designed to produce a durable granite like finish and provide a permanent protective barrier between your concrete surface and the damaging effects of oil, fuel and chemical staining, heavy equipment traffic, salt erosion and Alberta's harsh winter climate.

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Key Features

Preparation & Profiling

Steel shot abrasive blasting is an industry standard and a superior method of concrete profiling. Shot blasting removes the concrete surface along with contaminants, staining, deteriorated concrete and dirt and debris build up, providing a clean surface with a rough textured which is ideal for coating adhesion. Industrial diamond grinders are also incorporated to do areas and floors not suitable to handle the shot blasting equipment.

Build & Thickness

ArmorTech Protective Coatings are built in layers, each layer adding to the systems strength and durability. The bonding primers are selected to have superior adhesion to concrete. The body coat and broadcast add layers of flexibility essential to maintaining a thick flexible finish. Sealers are selected to have excellent abrasion and chemical resistance all while maintaining true UV resistance.

Long Term Durability & Service Life

ArmorTech coatings utilize only the best resins from many different chemical compositions and formulations from industrial manufacturers. Each unique resin is selected for superior properties of adhesion, chemical resistance and UV stability and all maintain a VOC free composition and are made of 100% solid content for a thicker, more durable seamless finish.

VOC Free Coating

Being VOC free means that our coating will not have any toxic fumes or persisting odor during or after the curing process. The high gloss, slip resistant finish ensures easy cleaning and a brilliant shine to maintain a showroom finish.

ArmorTech 1
ArmorTech 2
ArmorTech 3
ArmorTech 4
ArmorTech 5
ArmorTech 5
ArmorTech 5
Industrial & Commercial

Industrial & Commercial

All of our ArmorTech coating systems use high performance industrial resins, combined with proven concrete preparation methods to build an extremely durable and attractive flooring finish. We can customize the thickness of the flooring finish to build in extra layers of durability for high traffic areas, non slip additives to create a safety floor and custom colours to distinguish areas of attention.

Aircraft hangers
Shop floors
Parkade and traffic membranes
Warehouses with high vis markings


We offer many highly decorative flooring options that can add beauty and style to homes, offices and retail locations. There are many ways to use colour combinations and artistic elements to create a truly one of a kind look. Please look through the photo gallery and call for more information.

Decorative Options:
Concrete dyes and stains
Metallic Pigment Resin
Decal and logo installations
Grind and seal for a polished concrete look

Decorative 1
Decorative 2
Decorative 3
Decorative 4
Decorative 5
Decorative 6

Concrete Restoration

Many concrete surfaces have seen years of wear and tear and need a surface restoration before a coating system can be applied. Our restorations systems can fix surface erosion, pitted and spalled concrete, deteriorated concrete, cracking and settlement, staining and surface contamination, and improper floor shape.

After the concrete surface has been properly profiled, we then apply a series of resin repair mortars and overlays to weld cracks, restore surface condition and prepare the substrate for the coating application. The ArmorTech coating system will then seal and protect the repair work and eliminate any further water or salt from attacking the surface and extend the life of the concrete for decades.

Restoration 01
Restoration 02
Restoration 03
Restoration 04
Restoration 05
Restoration 06
Restoration 07
Restoration 08
Restoration 09
Restoration 10
Restoration 11
Restoration 12


Waterproofing the perimeter of a garage can be as easy as adding SpeedCove to any of our flooring installations. Garages and shops commonly have water from melting snow and rain that come in with vehicles. Many people also love to wash out their garage with a hose and pressure washer. Drywall and other wall surfaces that are sensitive to water can be vulnerable to deterioration unless waterproofed. With an integrated cove base that is sealed with the floor coating, Speedcove creates a waterproof basin feature in the garage. SpeedCove is available in 4" and 6" heights and is a very nice touch to any flooring project.


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