Springbank Hill SW

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We love taking unfinished and worn out garages and turning them into awesome spaces for work and play.


This project was spearheaded by the idea of having an indoor hockey shooting area for a young aspiring NHL athlete. Take a look at the before and after photos to see what went into this project.

A large double car garage allowed us to focus on storage and function. While a separate single car garage was to became a personal shooting training center.

Design was very important as it focused on maximizing storage. We developed a plan to build a custom landing that would create an area for adjustable shoe shelves by the door into the house and the space below would double as a storage room. The new wall that was framed in would also have cabinets installed providing a work surface and storage space. Other wall areas would get slatwall storage paneling and hoists would be installed to the ceiling to get bikes up and out of the way during the colder months. In the single car garage, designs were very simple as most of the space was designated for slap shoots and a goal net. We decided to create a rink feel with white puck board as the wall cladding and finished it with a red stripe to resemble the boards in a hockey rink. Puck board also doubled as wall protection for stray pucks.

The installation started with demo and removal of all the stuff in the garage. Items were locked up in our storage trailers and we hauled away the garbage. We striped the walls of old shelving, hooks and hangers. Patched damaged drywall. Primer and 2 coats of paint freshened up the walls and ceilings. Construction began on the new landing and storage room. We then focussed on the flooring installation and chose Quartz Falls as the colour. Flooring materials wrapped and finished the wood step and landing giving all surfaces in the garage a waterproof finish. Cabinets and wall paneling followed as well as the rink installation in the hockey garage.

We were so fortunate to work with such great homeowners on this project and feel like we were able to really transform their garage into something fun and exciting!



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